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My name is Fran Bishop and I was born and raised in the city of Syracuse, New York. I never really liked city life, even as a child. My childhood friend, Bonnie Cifaratta, had relatives who lived in Mannsville, NY. Mannsville was no more than four corners of a farming community. Once I visited and saw the country close up and personal I knew where I was meant to be.

I married, had 4 daughters and finally in 1977 The Bishop Family moved to the country. HURRAH! I was elated and couldn't believe that I had finally arrived. Now that I was here I couldn't wait to get some animals. It took two years but in 1979 I traded a lawn and garden tractor for my Morgan horse Eagle's Regime, otherwise known as Reggie. I thought I had died and gone to heaven, first moving to the country and then obtaining my life long dream, a horse. The following year I bought a Morgan mare, Free Spirit, for my husband.

Shortly thereafter we discovered that the horses were eroding the hillside and to prevent this from happening we fenced it off so they couldn't climb up the hill. The weeds took over the hillside and made one of the most unattractive sites you've ever seen. Ah, what to do? How about goats? We checked ads in the newspaper and found one for pygmy goats. HMMMM! What kind of goats could these be? Well we found out and brought a doeling and her wether brother home in the hatch of our Chevette.

These events led to the beginnings of some of the most wonderful times of my life. I admit I am the driving force behind this goat farm but I have much support and love from my family. I now raise pygmy and pygora fleece goats. I still have my two original horses and Spirit's 15 year old son, a miniature donkey, a miniature shetland, a mini hinny (offspring of the donkey and shetland), a llama, several cats, komondorok dogs and more goats than I can count (somewhere around 70). I love them all and enjoy showing them, playing with them and simply taking care of them.

I hope you enjoy the site because I love to share my animals with everyone!


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